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Trick about the blog writing from AI 

Trick about the Blog writing from AI

The trick for blog writing using AI

You can easily write a blog using #AI and if you want, you can also publish it on your website. However, if you are thinking that you can earn money from the blog through AdSense, your calculations might be a bit off. While it’s true that you can easily write a blog using AI by giving it certain commands, the generated content will not be accepted by #AdSense according to its policies. Therefore, you won’t have the opportunity to earn money from the content generated by AI in the form of a #blog.

First, you need to understand the logic behind why this happens, and then you will easily understand the method to avoid this problem. And finally, you will also understand how to earn money through AdSense by getting blogs written by AI. You will get a complete understanding of the trick in this regard.

Adsense policies always encourage you to write excellent content so that when people search for your blog on Google or any other search engine, they find accurate information through your written blog. It ensures that they don’t have to search here and there and get frustrated. You might think that Google doesn’t care much, but that’s not true. Google needs to display ads on your written blog to make money through advertisers who run those ads. When you use AI to write blogs, you often get set answers, especially when you use free AI. In such cases, every reader who reads your written blog will be annoyed and prefer to close the blog immediately, which means Google Adsense ads won’t be shown to that person, and Google’s earnings will be affected, something Google never wants.

Another reason could be that when someone searches for a blog and comes across a blog written using AI technology, which they themselves have already asked AI about, they will encounter the same information again when they visit your blog. In such cases, the user will completely avoid your blog written using AI technology. Whether you take it straightforwardly or try to hide it, the point remains that you won’t receive approval for content written using AI through Google Adsense.

Alright, brother, I understand that approval won’t be granted. Now, let me also tell you a trick to avoid this.

If you have been focusing on the trick for approval in this blog so far, here’s a very simple trick to avoid it. This trick will help you get approval for blogs written using AI. All you have to do is write your blog in your own language first and then copy and paste the written content into AI to translate it into English or any other language. The biggest advantage of writing the blog in your own language is that your blog won’t have any fixed lines from AI, which means your content will be completely fresh and unique. And when the content is different, Google Adsense won’t have any issues because the quality of the content will be good according to Google’s guidelines, and you won’t be using plagiarized words from someone else.

It’s possible that some curious individuals may now have the question in their minds: What are the benefits of getting content written by AI?

1The biggest advantage of getting content written by AI using this trick is that you can have your blog available in more than one language.

2Another benefit is that if English is not your native language, it may take you a considerable amount of time to write your blog in English. This way, you can easily save valuable time by using this kind of translation.

3The third benefit is that there are certain emotions or words that you can express in your native language but not in another language. You may not be able to communicate your thoughts clearly in any other language apart from your native language. Therefore, to convey your message accurately, you can write your blog in your own language and then have it translated through AI.

4The fourth benefit is that, as mentioned above, your content will be completely fresh and unique, aligned with the policies of AdSense. Therefore, Google AdSense will not reject your written content.

What is the need for AI in translation?

If you only want to get the translation done, then I can use Google Translate instead of AI. If you have this question in your mind, the straightforward answer is that Google Translate is not designed in a way that filters and understands the nuances of language as AI does. It may not accurately capture the intended meaning and emotions behind certain phrases that you want to convey. If you’re skeptical, you can try it out yourself and see the practical difference.

Special Note –

Here’s a special thing you need to keep in mind: if you are using free AI translation for your articles, you may not get the same level of quality as you would with a paid AI plan. It is evident that free things may not deliver the same level of quality. Therefore, if you are a professional blogger and want to use AI for your articles, it is always advisable to opt for a paid plan. Free options can increase your troubles.

And if you have a question in your mind about which AI would be best for such work, then a live example of that is my own blog, With the help of AI, it is showing you the English version of this blog. So, the AI that can work for me can also work for you. You can visit and purchase their one-time (lifetime) payment plan, where you won’t have to pay again and you’ll get a lot of words every month. I have already written an article on AI before, and you can read it here if you want.

And even after providing all this information, if you have any questions in your mind, you can comment and ask them in the comment box. We will make every effort to provide you with the right answer to your question. Additionally, if this information is helpful to you, please share it with as many people as possible.

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