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How to post on Facebook without getting blocked?

How to post on Facebook without getting blocked

How to post on Facebook without getting blocked?

Now a day, Facebook is not an unknown thing for anyone. Number of people are using Facebook regularly and in result of this Facebook has very large number of users. Facebook has its own rules, regulation and policies which contain so many rules to regulate users in a safe environment. Most of times Facebook tries to provide a safe environment to its users from their side, but this process Facebook creates so many tensions to its users also. tensions like getting blocked Facebook accounts, getting blocked Facebook pages, unable to login and so on. In all this kind of tensions one is more popular which is known as post getting blocked from the Facebook side. This is a very common issue which is faced with numbers of Facebook users. but as you know if you have a problem you will definitely get solutions too. Here on this you can find some useful solution to solve this issue.


Take break means you don’t need to post continuously one after another, you need to take a rest. If you are posting so many posts on same time or within 5 or 10 minutes, Facebook takes this thing as suspicious activity and surely blocked your posts in a certain time of period.

I think this rule is made for security purpose most of the time people take help from 3rd party apps and software to post on a number of groups to increase their post attention with maximum people. And from this way people try to save their time.


If you are using URL shortener you will definitely get blocked by Facebook. Most of the time people use URL shortener services to mask their URL and also used to make short their URL but the actual problem is if you are using this kind of services for Facebook, Facebook feels trouble to read the actual url so it might consider as spam activity.


This is a very common mistake used by many people on Facebook. If you are doing this thing and posting continuously in many groups and comments you will definitely get blocked from Facebook side.


If you are doing fake things or any harmful thing’s promotions and if someone will report your post to Facebook you will be blocked from Facebook side. Its directly violation of Facebook rules so Facebook will not allow such kinds of promotions.


If you are thinking that you will create your new Facebook account and then you will start promotions of your products or posts and Facebook will never know about this thing than you are totally wrong. Facebook can easily detect your suspicious activity from its smart technology. You can post normally from your new Facebook account just like two three posts in an hour but not continuously.

If you will follow all the above mentioned trick you will never get blocked on Facebook.


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