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Perfect Counter for Marauder

Hey are you looking for perfect counter of marauder? from now no need to worry, here I come with its solution. As you all know i am trying my best to guide players regarding marvel strike force game, now a days marauder team becomes big headache for many players, specially in Alliance war. Players really looking for it’s proper solution with perfect counter, so i decided to write about them so you can get better solution from my idea. Before going in detail, let me clear this all thing which i am going to mentioned here is personally based on my own gaming experience.
If you will use Patron team against Marauder then definitely it will gives you awesome results. All you need to do is set your team in perfect sequence as here you can see in below mentioned picture. Keep remember Patron team can eaily killed 50k+ to 75+ but you always need to remember or focus on few facts.
  1. Always use ultron 2nd power as much as you can. The summons will be very helpful to give your team offences & defence up.

  2. Keep remember if you are going on reactor deck then you must be aware that there if you have less power patron team in compare of maurder team they it will not work as it need to be.

  3. You always need to focus on to kill “Stryfe.”

  4. After “Stryfe.” you need to focus on “Mystique” “Sabretooth” or “Mr. sinister” This all things will be depend on the individual power of that particular toon.

  5. If “Emma Frost” is powerful then always kill her in the end, not before. otherwise you will completely waste your all abilities and chances to kill her and she will be heal again and again. So always try to kill her in the end.

marauder counter

Other teams you can use as counter of Marauder are following :-

  1. X-force – This team will work goods only if you have same power of your x-force team and marayder team otherwise there is high chance for your loss.
  2. Black Order – Black order team can be considered as good counter of marauder team most of the time mr sinister will clone either thanos or cull obsidian but you need to always keep in mind that you need to first focus on kill stryfe and all other marauders as I mentioned above here in this article. Do not focus on clone untill and unless only emma and clone both are left, then first go for clone to kill him. 

  3. X Men team- If you have legendary toon in your x men team either phoenix or Jubilee then there will be good chances for win but still you need to remember this team will not work on over power marauder team.
    If you will use phoenix then you need to play with little bit tricky. You should not use phoenix’s 2nd power on starting otherwise Mr. sinister will clone your phoenix and it will change whole game.
    if you will use Jubilee team instead of phoenix you will get better results.
  4. AIMtron- Aimtron is also one of good counter against Marauder. As i said in beginning of my article ultron can easily handle whole marauder team, untill and unless Mr sinister will not make clone of your ultron.

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