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Blogging is a key of online earnings

earn from blogging

Blogging is a key of online earnings

“Blogging is a key of online earning, yes you heard right words.”

Now let me give explanation regarding my words, why i am saying this things to each and every one. As here from this blog i am giving online earning guidance to all newcomers and interested people. So it become my duty to tell or guide them that how and from where they can start their journey for online earning. What will be the best source for online earnings and how they can earn from multiple ways too. Following features makes blogging compulsory.  

1- Earning from ads – 

This is the most popular and well known method to earn in blogging. There are lots of ad networks are available which provide ads to blogger. and all they are work with simple logic as much as blogger will have audience or readers on his blog they will watch ad provider’s ads. and as much as readers will get interact with ads than blogger will earn from that. way. No one will reveal this secret but here i am telling you about this so everyone can earn from this way. 

Adsense is most popular ad provider but it’s not for beginners because they have hard rules and they also need good traffic too. 
but no need to worry about this thing because in online market all kinds of ad provider are available. Here i am going to suggest you this ad network which will provide ads without any traffic. ——- (i)- Click Here to join .

(ii) – Try this one too for Pop-Up Ads
(iii) If you are looking for banner ads,Upper Bar, Footer  Area ads and so many other ads click here – Join AdNewtwork 

(iv) Try this for text Ad and Native ads – Click Here to Join

2 – Affiliate marketing –

Affiliate is the 2nd most earning source for bloggers. From this way blogger can join affiliate marketing and will be able to sells affiliate products. as much as he will be sells his product as well as he will get his profit.

3-  Direct Product Selling 

If anyone has own product, than he can write about that product qualities and features from this way he can earn from two sides 1st from blogging ads and 2nd from by selling that products.

4- Earn from review 

This is another way of earning from blogging. Beware before start earn from this way I need to make clear that your review must be true and honest. You can not give fake reviews just for your profit.
suppose if you provide fake review regarding any company’s product than company will have full right to take legal action against you. You can give review about anything, there is no compulsion you need to give only review about any product. 

5- Paid Advertisement

This method will work when your blog will be more popular and it will get too much traffic. Than popular brands can gives you advertisement for their products, Youtube channels, facebook pages, other social account promotions or blog promotions etc.

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