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How important is it to plan and play in the Alliance War?

How important is it to plan and play in the Alliance War

How important is it to plan and play in the Alliance War?

If you are a veteran player of Marvel Strike Force and have been playing in a team where neither the team members are active nor the leader or captain can communicate with any member, then today’s article is going to be especially significant for you because today we are going to discuss a vital subject related to this game, which you would have already guessed from the title of this article.

How important is it to plan and play in the Alliance War? As you can already tell from the title of this article, today we are going to talk about Alliance War, where we will discuss why it is crucial to play Alliance War with a plan and also share how to tackle the challenges that arise in it. For now, let’s begin with some key points related to the Alliance War that you may not have focused on in such detail.

1 – The responsibility of team members.

Marvel Strike Force is a team game where there are currently 24 members in a complete team, and everyone has to contribute their own share to the team on time. If even one member is missing from these 24 members in your team, then the entire burden of the game falls on the remaining members because while your team may have fewer than 24 members, your enemy team will have a full 24 members. In such a situation, your match does not remain balanced, and to deal with such circumstances and win the game, you will have to make double or triple efforts. In straightforward terms, it becomes evident that in Alliance War, it is crucial for team members to collectively fulfill their responsibilities.

2 – Contribution of each individual.

If you have all 24 members in your team but they are not actively playing for your team and everyone is busy playing the game according to their own preferences, then sometimes they participate in Alliance War online and sometimes they don’t. In such a scenario, the entire team will have to bear the consequences because, in Alliance War, each player currently receives 10 energy, which means that each player can defeat at least 10 enemy teams with one deck. In this game, if each member is given proper planning and responsibilities, such problems can be overcome. Another important point to consider is that the team leader and captain should always keep removing inactive members from the team, otherwise, the entire team will have to suffer the consequences as mentioned in the above points.

3 – Battle strategy.

Alliance War, as the name suggests, is like a form of battle in the game where players always need to plan something or the other to win against the enemy. For example, it is important to identify the decks that support the adjacent decks or to find decks from which the most points can be recovered quickly for a victory. Many times, you will come across situations where either the most powerful enemies are grouped together in a deck or there are strong enemies on the left side of the deck and weaker enemies on the right side. In such cases, if you play this game with a good plan, it will assist you in quickly covering points in the game. Otherwise, if you keep playing on such decks due to the inability to make the right decisions at the right time, you may end up facing defeat, which can result in a significant loss of energy for your team.

4 – Deck marking.

When the game was new, there was a lacking feature in this deck that was to show the marked deck separately. We know this feature as “Highlight Deck” to know which deck to target and destroy by coordinating with the entire team. I have provided feedback to the Marvel Strike Force game developers multiple times, requesting them to give the option to all leaders to lock the decks so that all team members can play on the same deck that has been planned. However, the developers did not fully follow this feedback and instead created the Highlight feature. Although my feedback was given from the perspective of a team leader, the developers should have considered the convenience of all team members. For instance, if the team leader is not present in the game, the entire team will have to wait unnecessarily on the same deck.
Therefore, it is important for leaders to establish rules regarding deck marking and inform their team about it. Otherwise, each player will play on different decks according to their preferences, which will prevent the entire deck from being destroyed. Consequently, your team’s points will be lower than the enemy team’s, and you will always have to face defeat in such situations.

5 – Different enemies.

In the Marvel Strike Force game, having proper planning is also essential because when you play this game, you don’t always encounter the same enemy, and this aspect makes Alliance War even more crucial. If you have large teams, you should always focus on defeating the larger enemies so that the other members of your team, who may have smaller teams, can eliminate the smaller teams and exterminate the enemy. Otherwise, if you keep targeting smaller teams with your bigger teams, your 10 fixed energy will be depleted, and later when the remaining members of your team are unable to defeat the bigger teams, it will inevitably lead to your defeat in the game. All of this can only be achieved through proper planning and team communication; otherwise, it is not possible.

6 – Communication with the team.

To communicate with the team, the team leader should always provide a proper means of communication for team members so that they can converse and determine which deck to play on and who will defeat which enemy. Communication can be facilitated through apps like Discord, Telegram, and similar platforms, where team leaders can offer this convenience. As this is a team game, the more communication there is among the team, the better results you will achieve in this game.

7 – Defense setup.

 During the cooldown period of Alliance War, which refers to the time before the war begins, team leaders have the option to set up decks for their teams and determine which player’s team will be assigned to which deck and where each deck should be placed. This task requires proper planning. It is not necessary for every leader to be an expert in this regard. In such cases, the team leader should communicate with the other members of the team and make deck changes as necessary based on the situation.

I appreciate your understanding of the importance of creating a plan and playing strategically in Alliance War in the Marvel Strike Force game, after reading the detailed points mentioned above. If you find this article helpful, I encourage you to share it with all the members of your team so that everyone can understand their significance in this game and fulfill their responsibilities with the team during Alliance War, at the very least. Moreover, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below in the comment box or discuss it in our Facebook group. Both myself and other members of the group will strive to provide answers to your inquiries.

Alliance War में प्लान बना कर खेलना कितना जरुरी हे? Alliance War में प्लान बना कर खेलना कितना जरुरी हे

Alliance War में प्लान बना कर खेलना कितना जरुरी हे?

Alliance War में प्लान बना कर खेलना कितना जरुरी हे? मार्वल स्ट्राइक फाॅर्स गेम एक टीम गेम हे जिसमे अभी वर्तमान…

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